Don’t Ignore Foundation Issues

Get started on your house foundation repair in Houston, TX

Over time, shifting soil and moisture issues can cause your foundation to shift. Failing to address the problem can lead to serious structural damage. Luckily, GUATEX Foundation Solutions offers foundation repair solutions to homeowners and business owners in the Houston, TX area.

If your foundation is cracking or your home is settling, we can help. Hire us to inspect your foundation, locate any issues and complete the necessary repairs in a timely manner. We can reinforce your foundation by installing new sister walls, footing, piers and beams or concrete slabs.

Don’t let your minor foundation problem snowball into major damage. Contact us today to arrange for house foundation repair services.

5 clear signs you have foundation problems

5 clear signs you have foundation problems

GUATEX Foundation Solutions takes on house foundation repair projects in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. We can lift your house and level your foundation to eliminate the problem.

You might have foundation issues if:

  • Your foundation, floors or walls are cracking
  • Your foundation is sinking or settling
  • Doors don’t open and close properly
  • Floors are sagging

Reach out to us right away to learn more about our foundation repair solutions.